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your voice has your back

Are you tuned into your "Dream Frequency"?

Is your voice working for you? 

Are you getting the results you want in life?

Book a talk with Helene for an unforgettable uplifting experience. Dive with her into the vocal toolbox and learn how your voice truly has your back.

Through Helene's coaching methods you will be uplifted by getting access to the same powertools many of the stars across the globe are benefitting from.

A talk about the outer audible voice but also the inner voice and how the two always co exists but must empower each other for a life changing success experience.

This is mindfullness with the voice taking center stage - A powertool we are all born with!

How are you using yours? And can we change our life by a slight change of tone?

Interested? Get in touch and let's talk - by mail: or phone: +45 41 39 67 60

Your voice

Improve all areas of the voice and become the singer you want to be.

Your success

No more fatigue , nodules 

and cancelled tours.

Your mind

Master your mindset and breakthrough mental blocks, stage fright and nerves.

Helene’s techniques as a vocal coach are a breath of fresh air. Her idea of working with all the elements life throws at us is a much more realistic and practical approach than most. Psychology is such a massive part of being a good performer, Helene recognises this and uses her own experience to help me as a performer. Best of both worlds, half operatic genius, half motivating football-manager-type to get you feeling as good as you possibly can before performing. ” 


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