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I’m shooting through Denmark on a train and looking out of the window I can see all the incredible different colours of the trees. Autumn is here and it’s a clear and magnificent sign from nature that a change is taking place.

That got me thinking about the voice, as most things do …. and how relatable and connected everything is.

I have coached countless artist from all kinds of musical genres, rock, pop, opera,rap etc and although the styles vary here’s the crunch :

The vocal technique stems from ONE CORRECT PLACE!

A solidified correct method of voice production.

Vocal technique is one thing - how you choose to USE your voice is another.

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Do you want to sing and express yourself vocally in “another season” so to speak?

Change of style? Change of genre? Change of direction?

Let me tell you, it’s easier than you think.

The great thing about a correct vocal technique is that it’s just like a giant healthy firmly planted tree - the root of it stays the same but just like the leaves change and prepare for different seasons, so can the voice .

Once your voice is technically correctly placed it’s up to YOU which season you choose to be in - up to YOU how you choose to use the technique and colour your voice - Summer/Spring/Autumn/Winter? What season do you prefer? What season suits your song the most?

We are powerful creators- we CAN adapt and change - the same applies for the voice.

The leaves change colour -what about the colour of your voice? Can you change it?


I always work creatively with my technique terminology - tone might be the correct word to use but for me it doesn't kick butt in the creativity department. That’s why those who have been coached by me know I use different approaches and when working on tone I call it “to colour with your voice”.

Seeing loads of colours in your head now? Yup I knew it!

With a slight change of voice colour we can shift into different musical seasons and genres . If you sing classical your colour of voice is darker and deeper than a pop singers where the colour is more frontal and bright.

Jazz might require you to dip into every colour possible - and musical singing tends to be a more linear sound throughout.

The way we change our vocal colour is looking at how our vowels sound- play around with it - have some fun- rip it up- say AH in as many different ways you can- say OH say IH and so forth…..see and hear how they can shift in colour depending on where you place them in your mouth and how open you are at the back of your mouth/ your soft palate . Can’t find it? Then yawn and say AH - it will be quite dark sounding- now put the AH right under your nose and behind your front teeth……it will be brighter and more frontal.

Fun right?

And for the mindfullness aspect check this out!

I love the idea of SPEAKING our way out of a dark and dreary season into a brighter lighter more energetic season.

Have you noticed how your voice always follows your inner season? If you feel fatigued and tired - your voice is likely to be deeper than normal and a bit scratchy even- as if it’s down in the dumps. It kinda is.

When you feel happy, energetic and excited about life (and I hope you do) you voice will be firmer and brighter- like a crisp spring day or cold frosty winter morning….

Remember the voice and mind goes hand in hand - so perhaps there is an inner season you’d like to change too?

Try standing in front of a mirror (privately) and experiment with how the voice and mood goes together? Try saying _”Hi beautiful! I am SO happy today and life is great “ in a bright up under the eyes smiley voice?

Now try saying - “Hi, I am SO tired and life is always hard and working against me”

Notice how the voice drops lower and becomes “stiffer” and more tired sounding.

So empowering….because you can change it!

So get you ass back to the mirror and repeat the happy sentences with a happy bright smiley voice!

THAT’S how a change of season starts - ON THE INSIDE…..just like when a tree changes it’s colours in the fall……


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