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Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Wowzers! Over 20 years ago I traveled to London with a dream to develop my voice and sing professionally. I had nothing but a packed rucksack, I had no place to live, no money and knew no one in the music industry - I started completely from scratch! I rented a bicycle and started working as a cleaner to earn some money and eventually save enough for some vocal lessons in my search for a teacher that could develop my voice in the technique I was after. 

After being in London for almost a couple of years I came across a small ad in a magazine that an ABBA band was auditioning for a lead position. I didn’t think much of it but I eventually decided to leave them my demo in case that would give me the odd gig here and there…

Long story short this small ad came from the biggest ABBA show in the world - the Australian band Bjorn Again. I got the lead part as  Agnetha and ended up touring the world on all the biggest stages for over 10 years.

I then went into my album recordings and coaching and parted ways with the band. 

Years went by until a couple of months ago Rod who owns the band (and plays rocktastic bass) sent me a message asking if I wanted to do some shows again

Talk about getting straight back and onto the biggest stages!

Today we opened the legendary Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury ! 

Walking out in my rhinestone and satin costume and seeing over 100.000 people having a fantastic time to our show was unreal! 

More than anything it left me thinking. First up, if you think that it’s too LATE to fulfil your dreams think again! I will turn 47 this year and I am still pushing forwards with my dreams, old ones and new ones that I cannot wait to fulfil and see happen. Next up I want to share with you what I also talk about in my inspirational talks. 

I call it “The Dream Frequency”. 

“The Dream Frequency” is like our own internal radio signal…..when we are tuned in we can feel, see and clearly visualise our dreams. Tuning in makes us feel inspired, we want to take action and most importantly we feel GOOD! The Dream Frequency is like a radio channel playing all your favourite tunes right back at you! Too often though we get thrown off the frequency and we start doubting ourselves and we loose the signal and drift away from The Dream Frequency. 

Then we start tuning in to other frequencies that play back negative stuff like “maybe it’s too late…, won’t happen anyway….it was just a dumb idea…..yeah other people are right I can’t possibly do that and so on…

So try it today - see if you can tune in to your dreams and get an awareness of what “The Dream Frequency” feels like. Good right?

Then do yourself the favour of staying tuned in as much as you can and watch how things start to shift and happen for your dreams to come to life!

Tune in - get inspired - take action!


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