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Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Wow what a fantastic journey the last 8 weeks have been! BIG thanks to Louis for letting me get stuck in with his category!

Tonight’s show was  so nerve-wracking and I couldn’t be prouder of Dalton for showing the world how to deliver a world class performance - smashing it to the winning top with his version of “song for you”. 

So what did we do the last 8 weeks apart from have tons of fun?! 

We worked our butts off with some serious singing week after week! Here’s why- I had time! Knowing I had a few weeks with these boys gave me the fantastic opportunity to go in and relay a whole new fundament of correct vocal technique. A  clean brand new vocal slate that I could build their voices on, replacing old bad habits with a correct sustainable technique based on my opera techniques.

Building a voice is like taking the voice to the gym and ideally it requires one to one sessions every day.  We had that- we had a few weeks! So how do you do that ? 

It’s a bit like being behind the steering wheel of a car, everyday I go in and “steer” the voice correctly, making sure (by doing it every day) the artists doesn’t have time to fall  backwards into old habits and steer wrong . So that’s partly what we did, a ton of crazy and fun scales based on my opera techniques but theres more. I always include the mindfullness aspect alongside my technical guidance when I work with singers. I know it is vital for a bulletproof performance. Especially on a competition like the XF where the mental pressure is even higher.

A great voice with a poor mindset can’t fully shine. Likewise a powerful mindset without the correct vocal technique is a halfway house.  Blah and no thanks to that.

I’ll give you my main vocal tool on how to reach this. I call it A VOCAL ROADMAP.

A Vocal Roadmap is when you know exactely what to do with your song-  when you’ve dived so deeply into your words and phrasings, tones and dynamics that you simply KNOW you have enhanced yourself to your highest level possible. Then you repeat this formular over and over so it becomes vocal muscle memory.

Having a fully prepped VOCAL ROADMAP means come showtime all you need to think about is being a superstar because the voice knows EXCATELY what and where it’s going! 

The voice can go it alone when the song structure is firmly placed in the vocal muscle memory. This doesn’t mean there’s not room for extra… simply means the highest level is reached and whatever magic happens on stage becomes the cherry on the top!  

Just like Dalton’s winning performance tonight! He knew where to go- he steered his voice perfectly and went even higher ! What a voice and so well deserved! Congrats darling you are a true superstar!

Photo credit - Jordan Green

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